There are many, many different applications for aerial photography/video and we can’t list them all here, so, if you don’t think that your requirements fall under the following areas of expertise, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs… we’re sure we can help!


Selling a property? Wanting your Gîte or Chambres d’Hôte business to stand out from the crowd? Perhaps advertising on Airbnb? Then, we can certainly help!

Gone are the days when you relied upon the immobiliere in the local village/town to send out your property details to their mailing list and hope that someone on this list is looking for a property like yours. Real estate sales/rentals have moved fully into the digital age and your buyer will, almost certainly, be found online…. probably living out of your region or, very possibly, outside of France.

So often, the real beauty of your property, whether selling or letting, is the area in which it sits…. the fields, rivers, forests, farm land that may be all around.

Aerial video and photography will show-off your property in ‘context’. It will stand out from the dozens of others that you are vying with. Don’t trust to the ‘same old, same old’ snaps taken by your immobiliere to make the difference. Check out our videos…..we think you’ll get the point!

Sports, Events, Weddings

Many sports or events lend themselves perfectly to aerial video. Cycling, equestrianism, car/bike track days, skiing, water-sports, weddings, corporate team-building events… the list is endless.  Capture the action from above to relive the fun on those dark winter days!

Construction / Site Inspections

Building inspections of roofs, chimneys, towers, stadiums, wind turbines, church spires, etc. no longer need expensive cherry-pickers or scaffolding. We can give you a series of high resolution images or high definition video of hard to reach structures. You can even monitor the footage being gathered on our remote ground station screens to make sure you’re getting exactly the images you require. And there’s no longer the need for anyone to leave the ground so the project is obviously much safer.

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